Press Release: “Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Well Being”


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New Book: “The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Well-Being”


Da-Nay Macklin, “The Conquering Coach,” is published in a new book for women!  THE UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN’S GUIDE TO EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING.  Life Purpose and transformational coach helps women confront their past, as co-author of new book.  Her chapter titled “Confront Your Past to Conquer Your Present” is featured in this new book The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Well-Being.  Foreword written by Maya Watson (HARPO Studios) and Edited by Erika Gilchrist.  The book is written by 23 unstoppable authors that provide a one stop shopping guide and resource to equip women with the necessary tools on how to become an unstoppable woman too.  Maya Watson of HARPO Studios wrote “As you read these pages, let yourself feel the energy and vigor resonating from each woman, each story, and each lesson. And prepare to become an Unstoppable Woman!”

“As a certified life coach I assist countless women in their transformations. Majority resist confronting their past pains.  Along with falling victim to stinking thinking which causes them to believe their past experiences dictate their futures.  I’m honored as a coach to show these ladies how to go from victim to victor while transforming their trials and tribulations to ultimate triumph” said Macklin, who specializes in life purpose and transformational coaching where she coaches others in being able to live life by design rather than default.

In her chapter, Confront Your Past to Conquer Your Present”; Macklin encourages the women to recognize they are more than a conqueror.  She paints a picture of life’s puzzle using a puzzle analogy to create crystal clarity while giving reason to why certain life experiences may or may not happen.  She makes it easy for the ladies to participate in self-discovery exercises as she shares her own personal testimony and journey from victim to victor and now conqueror. She suggests five powerful strategies along with several other tips to help ladies turn their messes into messages for an emotionally stable life full of passion and purpose.

The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Well-Being will stand out because it’s not a product written from one woman’s perspective. It’s authored by 23 unstoppable women. Some of the authors are married, single, moms, empty nesters, career minded, religious, and health enthusiasts, which gives it a global perspective.  Readers from around the globe will find information and resources that exude strength and motivation for women.

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