Coaching for Infidelity Recovery

Infidelity Recovery Coaching was birthed from my own life experience. During my engagement, regretfully, I was unfaithful. Now fast forward, years later not even one full year into our marriage my husband committed marital infidelity including both sexual and emotional betrayal. Faced with the harsh reality and decision of “should I run and get a divorce or stay and honor my vows”? I decided to honor my vows and stay committed to our marriage. It was not an easy decision considering childhood messages and values. Looking back, on those childhood messages I was taught if a man cheats on you then you leave him…NO questions asked! However, I KNEW I had a GOOD man that made a genuine mistake. After all, I was a good woman who had made a genuine mistake earlier in our engagement. Immediately we began counseling once a week and reading many self-help books on the subject, but still this was not enough! I wish I would have had a coach in addition to my counselor who could REALLY relate having had experienced the same tragedy. This is why I created Infidelity Recovery Coaching for Women.

Infidelity Recovery Coaching for Women

Recovering from either an emotional or sexual affair…or in some cases both can be the hardest betrayal you may encounter. Unfortunately, there is no overnight quick fix. Fortunately, if you are willing to confront infidelity then you can conquer infidelity! Please know the road is a long and laborious one, but holds many rewards. At the same time, when it is all said and done you discover the ultimate LOVE After Adultery. Please allow me to strongly caution you this journey should not be undergone without professional help. It is truly my privilege and honor to meet and coach women where they are now in the process providing support, encouraging, and resources for those who are embarking upon the road less traveled…a road I’m all too familiar with having been there and done that!
I shrink to think of those in the past who painfully endured such heartache and anguish in silence, without help and isolated with limited to practically no real resources available that could reveal the developmental process of recovery from one of life’s great tragedies.

Coaching offers support, encouragement, and resources for those who seek to renew and rebuild in the after effects of infidelity. Services are available for unfaithful or betrayed women in need of support as an individual, engaged or married woman.

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