Coaching for Purpose

Coach Da-Nay was purposed from birth believing that “we were all sent here for a specific PURPOSE with great significance in this world”. I genuinely know and feel that we are all blessed with unique gifts. The expression of our gifts contributes to a cause far greater than ourselves beyond anything we could ever imagine.

I’m super excited and most of all passionate about assisting YOU in achieving your life purpose! Coach Da-Nay is confident in her ability to assist you in doing just that. Yes, a bold statement indeed but it’s also true and exciting considering this is her gifting.

Stop for just a brief moment and really IMAGINE your life if you discover your purpose. Feel and consider how fulfilled you’d be with you life and your career right now if you were living in your purpose. Majority of people want the above but fail to attain it. Heartbreaking and depressing is the reality that millions of people never find their purpose in life. All too often they stay stagnant, unfocused, and directionless due to fear and frustrations.

Undoubtedly, fear and frustration are not feelings you desire to carry around with you. Spend enough time with a purpose driven purpose and you will surely see you’re missing “something” that can bring you happiness…that something is YOUR purpose! Coach Da-Nay can guide you through a process that inspires and excites you in exploring your aspirations.

Discovering your purpose in life is certainly a personal matter, and one that I understand and respect. Perhaps you are resisting the idea of a life purpose coach becoming involved with your aspirations. This mind set illustrates a misunderstanding of what a life purpose coach can assist you achieve. A coach will never tell you what you purpose in life is, but rather a coach opens your mind to opportunities of the present in order for you to focus on a future with happy outcomes for a life with purpose. Instead of simply existing, you start living life on purpose…now imagine that! Life purpose coaching enlarges your capacity to discover and take ownership of what you presently do.

Stop being a victim of someone else’s purpose for you; rather discover and design your life based on YOUR purpose and become victorious today! Take responsibility for your life and form positive experiences that take you forward to an improved life, career and more successful relationships.

Typically finding your purpose in life is not easy. It requires not just a purpose coach but effort on your part. You must be willing to invest time in yourself! In order to create this desired purpose filled life you have to keep an open mind and be ready to confront the way you’ve done things in the past.

Now if are willing to change, the rewards are remarkable. As a result of allowing Coach Da-Nay to assist you in achieving excellence in your personal and professional lives you will discover your purpose!

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