Coaching Testimonials

“I knew that in my present career I was living an unfulfilled life, by not pursuing my dreams. I wanted to live my life with passion and joy every single day. However, like so many of us, I really didn’t have a starting point. I could see the path and where I wanted it to end, but I had no idea on where to begin.

It was through Da-Nay’s active listening and talking me through my own stories of experiences and visions that I found my starting point. She allowed me a non-judgmental venue to voice what was really coming from inside of me, without the fear of what anyone would think. Granted most of us have the answers already, but Da-Nay helps to advocate that. She will find a way for you to not only say those answers out loud but also help you to visualize them daily.

It is through the use of positive reinforcement and an accountability of follow through, that Da-Nay will help you find your way down the path you were meant to be on. She can find out what’s important to you as an individual and tailor a program that specifically nurtures those values and principles. After working with Da-Nay, you will find all of the determination and the focus you need to achieve your present goals and even the ones that you didn’t know you had yet! I know that I did. Even though she helped me find my starting point, I know that she will definitely continue down this path alongside me cheering me on all the way to the finish line.”

Brenda Meunier – BrendArts Designs

“Coaching with Coach Da-Nay created focus and accountability with all aspects of my life. During our sessions I recall walking away a better person. She has assisted me in discovering what I need to do differently in order to enjoy a new life and encouraged me to strive for a great future for me & my family along with my business.

I can honestly say, Coach Da-Nay has opened my mind to a new fresh perspective of thinking, of processing, and of solving my own “opportunities” instead of problems. THANK YOU Coach Da-Nay!

You have taught me so much in a short period of time, and facilitated a much needed change for me to overcome some very difficult dealings within my life. My life is 100% better and my future is 1000% brighter thanks to your guidance, support, & accountability. I am now a continuous work in progress!”

Raynard Graves – Raynard Photography

“My name is Ms. Verlene Hill. My experience with Ms. Da-Nay was great. Before working with Ms. Da-Nay I was clueless as to which direction to go regarding my job search. Working with Ms. Da-Nay has taught me patience, understanding havig faith in myself. Some day you will land the right position. I would highly recommend Ms. Da-Nay because of her knowledge, understanding, patience and her positive attitude and sprit.”

Ms. Verlene Hill

Da-Nay, I would like to thank you for coaching and supporting my mother, Verlene Hill, with her job search. With your help, she is more focused and optimistic about finding a job. She now commits at least ten hours per week to seeking employment. And, she is more on point because she knows she has assignments to complete. You will be highly recommended.

Marcie Hill – The Write Design Company

Da-Nay is a spectacular individual! I have never met a person with so much positive energy. In my initial discussion with Da-Nay, I was going through a stressful period in my life. I had been in the media industry for a couple of years and wasn’t sure if Sales was the direction I wanted to go in. Da-Nay helped me sort through my career likes and dislikes and provided guidance and support. Because of her, I found that my passion was in media, but not Sales. She is a great listener and is incredibly patient. I had so many thoughts running through my head, but she took the time to help me sort them out. I never thought I needed a life coach but after speaking with Da-Nay, I think a life coach is beneficial for anyone looking for inspiration and change with their work, life and or both. She is a wealth of knowledge leveraging her work/life experiences to offer sound advice in real life situations. She’ll leave you feeling empowered and ready to conquer what life throws at you. I’m truly thankful that I found her and highly recommend anyone to try her out. You won’t be disappointed! If you don’t believe it, call me at 773-495-6775

Mina Chan – NCC Media


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