Coaching with Da-Nay

As a certified professional Life Purpose and Transitional Coach, I work in partnership with you to assist in catapulting you to achieve extraordinary outcomes supported by Discussion, Discovering, Defining, Designing, Developing, and Delivering S.M.A.R.T goals set by you combined with customized strategies to get your mind focused into action immediately.

Coaching starts when YOU desire to be, do, or have something of significant personal value added to your life other than what you have presently. Perhaps you too have said the following along with what I hear from majority of clients in one form or another…“I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” which I have discovered propels you to change. I like to start by assisting you in getting clear on YOUR desired results and ultimately focused on your true priorities.

Coaching sessions are conducted in person or over the telephone, with each session lasting 50 minutes (minus initial discovery session) or as determined in our initial consultation.
Every session affords you the opportunity to choose the focus of conversation, as I’m actively listening and encouraging you with supportive observations and powerful questions. This interaction creates safety, clarity and moves you into action upon our first call.

Coaching accelerates your progress toward fulfillment by providing greater focus and awareness of your choices. Coaching is different than therapy. Therapy focuses on resolving the past and coaching focuses on moving you forward with new skills and confidence.

Coaching works in these 3 important ways:
  • Co-creation: You and I become a team, focusing on your goals and needs and helping you accomplish more than what you can accomplish alone.
  • Structure: Success is possible when you have the opportunity to think bigger, focus on what you want and are held accountable toward taking consistent, positive action and getting the job done.
  • Expertise: I will share my experience and skills, while supporting you to live the life you want, make better decisions, set goals, and restructure your personal or professional life for your highest performance and fulfillment.

Between scheduled coaching sessions, you may be asked to complete specific actions that support the achievement of your goals. I may provide additional resources in the form of relevant articles, checklists, assessments or models to support your thinking and actions. I am available to you between sessions via email or telephone.

The duration of our professional relationship is determined by your personal needs and preferences. However, initially, I do encourage at least a three month commitment.  However, it is not required; as it takes at least that long, in most cases, to achieve lasting results.

At Da-Nay Macklin, Incorporated, I offer a no obligation 30-minute complimentary Conquer Yourself Discovery Session (Value $75.00) to all new clients. This gives us an opportunity to speak to each other before coaching ever begins.

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