Equip, Educate, and Empower while Encouraging your Employees to Exceed in Excellence!

Coach Da-Nay Macklin presents the below organizations with the choice to customize her presentations or training materials.  Listed below are her most frequently demanded topics.  Coach Da-Nay is available for keynotes, panel discussions, break- out sessions, workshops, seminars, group and individual coaching:

Middle/High Schools-Colleges/Universities


Social & Community Organizations

What better gift to give your team members then that of education, empowerment, & encouragement to exceed in excellence!  Invest in your people and watch them take charge of their lives.  Keep in mind, happiness and enthusiasm is good for morale and productivity. I can recall reading an article that stated the following:

“Employees who like where they work will help the company make more money.  Sears conducted an 800-store survey that showed the impact of employee attitudes on the bottom line.  When employee attitudes improved by 5%, customer satisfaction jumped 1.3%, consequently increasing revenue by one-half a percentage point.   Seeking ways to motivate and build worker morale pays dividends to any business or organization.  The motivated worker is more committed to the job and to the customer.”

The 10 most important reasons why happiness at work is the #1 productivity booster:

1: Happy people work better with others
2: Happy people are more creative
3: Happy people fix problems instead of complaining about them
4: Happy people have more energy
5: Happy people are more optimistic
6: Happy people are way more motivated
7: Happy people get sick less often
8: Happy people learn faster
9: Happy people worry less about making mistakes – and consequently make fewer mistakes
10: Happy people make better decisions interact

If your organization seeks an interactive, dynamic speaker who can address work and life balance, and motivational issues with purpose, passion, energy and humor, look no further!

Empowering & Educational:  Keynotes, Panel Discussions, Break- out Sessions, Workshops, Seminars, Group and Individual Coaching:

Motivational speaking engagements may be designed as 30-minute lunch & and learn sessions, or 90-minute or full-day workshops.

The length of workshops and topics can be customized for your group.


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