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Coach Da-Nay Macklin is a gifted speaker who has a wonderful way of getting a point across with passion, zeal, and intensity…a rare commodity in today’s public speaking environment.

She was a featured speaker at the “Wisdom of Greatness Literacy and Business Connection” – a Chicago Facebook advertised event, hosted millionaire Media Executive Will Horton. Da-Nay was one of a dozen speakers, but she quickly rose to the top like cream in a bottle of milk.  While in attendance and listening; she never lost focus, and she never lost her enthusiasm.  In fact, her charisma helped keep the crowd smiling, in their seats, and focused on a serious message.

The topic she used, “Living Life by Design, instead of Living Life by Default,” was well received, thought provoking, and littered with seed-planting points for questions after her speech.  What I enjoyed most was Macklin’s personal testimony.  She is a young, intelligent, and gifted enough to have successfully overcome many obstacles to be flourishing professionally.  She has a way of taking a complete stranger to the next level using wit, charm, and a great knowledge of subject material.

In my opinion, she would be an asset to any group looking for a passionate speaker. Da-Nay never over-articulates, never uses complicated words, and she never talks-down to a listening ear.  Da-Nay Macklin is Phenomenal!

Art Norman – NBC News Chicago

“Put Me In Coach!” Is what comes to mind, when I see Da-Nay in action. There are very few people that can bring the level of energy and understanding, especially in the escalating destructive effects of today’s economy. Da-Nay is much more than the “Ultimate Coach”, as A Certified Professional Speaker with SPAA (The Speakers Publishers & Authors Association) she continues to challenge her peers to exceed expectations by going far beyond any stated objectives and/or requirements. If you want to be a part of a winning professional team, you need only ask Da-Nay to… “Put Me In Coach!”

Dr. Michael V. Wilkins, Sr. “Pastor Mike” – SPAA Founder & CEO www.spaa.org

“Da-Nay Macklin is the multi-gifted “Conquering” Empowerment Speaker, Trainer, Educator, Consultant, Author and Savvy Businesswoman, addressing critical issues affecting every aspect of Human, Social and Spiritual development. Da-Nay walks her own talk. Her philosophy on leadership, life, and career has worked for her and now successfully working for a massive amount of clients, and it can work for you in all that YOU do! I love her spirit and her zeal to help individuals and organizations move forward beyond anything they have ever done before.”

James Amps III, Author – President/CEO – AMPS International, LLC / Founder – AMPS Entrepreneurship and Leadership Institute

Da-Nay Macklin’s is professional, highly motivated, energetic, articulate, and a phenomenal speaker.  It was an honor and a privilege to work with her.  We featured Da-Nay in our documentary Behind the Business “A Real Look A Women of Color in Leadership” and her words were dynamic, on target, and resonated with the audience. Her advice was to the point, inspiring, concise, and expertly offered. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is quite evident.  I would definitely recommend her to any group, staff, or agency as a speaker.

Cameka Smith, CEO and Founder – The BOSS Network

“Da-Nay is phenomenal! The SMART Sista Career Boot Camp only works because community members and professionals contribute time and energy to make a difference. Not only did Da-Nay share her personal story of triumph during the Career presentation portion of the event, she generously gave of her time and energy throughout the event by facilitating a workshop with our young attendees in the afternoon and assisting with the Parent round table in the morning. It’s because of positive, powerful, professional coaches like Da-Nay that communities are being transformed and lives changed. It was a pleasure working with her and I am eternally grateful for her support and contribution.”

Kania Kennedy – The Smart Sista

Da-Nay “The Conquering Coach” Macklin wowed the audience at a recent Wisdom for Greatness Group networking event, as a featured speaker. Macklin speaks from the heart with passion and enthusiasm. Listening to her speak is akin to sitting at your mother’s knee. Her words are undergirded by great faith and strong beliefs. She gives you hope that tomorrow will be better, if you keep great faith and work tireless to achieve your dreams. She makes known that life is filled with endless possibilities for future happiness and success.

Will Horton, PhD – Author, The 30 Power Principles and Wisdom for Greatness Success Series, educator, philosopher, greatness coach, TV-host and founder of The Wisdom for Greatness Group on Facebook www.the30powerprinciples.com


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